Finger and palm print Identification details:

Papillon APFIS

Papillon Automated Fingerprint Palmprint Identification System

Papillon Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System (AFPIS) is the next generation biometric identification system that enables creating, storing and searching of fingerprint/palmprint electronic databases.

Flexible and responsive modular architecture of the Papillon AFPIS makes it possible to create secure, reliable and cost efficient identification systems from single machine workstation to nation-wide geographically distributed networked solutions.

AFPIS Version 8 is the latest generation of our AFIS. It is the result of almost twenty years of customer driven research and development. Deployed in some of the world’s largest AFIS projects it sets the new standards in accuracy, performance, and cost of ownership of nation-wide biometric identification systems.

Top advantages that make Papillon APFIS the system of choice for law enforcement agencies worldwide:

  • Top recognition performance. Whenever we had a chance to compare recognition performance on real-life data, Papillon AFPIS always demonstrated superior recognition performance over all tested competitors.
  • Native scalability. Our solution enables our customers to expand their systems smoothly and economically as their databases grow and the number of required searches increases..
  • Multimodality covering fingerprints, palm-prints, face images, signatures, descriptive and other data.
  • Advanced expert tools.
  • Seamless interoperability with third party hardware and legacy information systems. Easy transition from legacy AFIS solutions with fully automatic ten-print and latent coding.

  • Key innovations behind Papillon APFIS version 8:

  • Papillon’s Seamless Roll live scan software fixes smearing enrollment defects giving up to 4% improvement in recognition performance.
  • Papillon’s Intellectual Latent Coding reduces manual labor required for latent coding by 50%.
  • Papillon’s search algorithms demonstrate better recognition performance over all tested competitors.
  • Proprietary data base server accelerates searches while providing cost advantages for nation-wide AFIS with multi-million number of entries.

  • By addressing every important aspect of real-world AFIS implementation, Papillon let its customers get higher recognition rates, with less cost.