PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER System for Electronic Fingerprinting

  • The PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER system is designed for producing high-quality electronic tenprints in agency-specific formats that can be further either stored in the LIVE SCANNER internal database or transmitted to PAPILLON or any other AFISs. At the heart of the PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER system is its live-scan fingerprint/palmprint device: Papillon DS-45 (DS-45M) or Papillon DS-30N (DS-30NM).

  • PAPILLON’s method of inkless fingerprinting featuring the system is protected by patent of the Russian Federation.

  • The PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER design provides also high-quality mugshot and SMT photo capture. The system is capable of performing searches against its internal database and identifying a person via touch fingerprints and/or using specific text data as search criteria.

  • Generally, the PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER system is integrated into the PAPILLON AFIS/APIS site. In that case, it is called a fingerprinting or booking station. Equipped with the PAPILLON FILTER software, it becomes a booking and express ID check station.

  • The PAPILLON fingerprint and palmprint scanners allow users to capture forensic-quality images even of complicated samples featuring too dry skin, low-relief or worn-out pattern (so-called “housewife’s fingers”), etc.

  • PAPILLON’s moisture discriminating optics has solved the problem of scanning sweaty fingers.

  • The program algorithms compensates for smears when capturing rolled fingerprints.

  • The PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER runs under Linux and Windows operating systems.

  • The DS-21N uses the optical technology that enables producing high quality fingerprint and palmprint